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The commercial and operational benefits of attaining AEO status are clear. However, the AEO application form is complex. Many operators have found the questionnaire so demanding they have been put off from applying altogether.

You need to answer over 200 questions to HMRC's precise requirements. If you fail to do so your application may be rejected. For clarification you can refer to the 30 pages of HMRC's explanatory notes and the 300 pages of EU guidance notes.


  • Makes it much easier for you to complete the Health Check and/or AEO questionnaire to HMRC's requirements.
  • Makes you feel like you have a customs' expert and qualified auditor sitting on your side of the desk.
  • Is very simple to use. If you've ever filled in a basic online form you already know how to use the software.
  • Replicates the AEO application form as an online questionnaire. Whenever you come across a detailed or complex question, a 'pop-up' will appear with specific guidance notes. This means you won't need to wade through endless indexes and reference documents to find the information or clarification you need.

Each answer you give will be evaluated and scored.

Then, once you've completed the questionnaire, the scores will be added together to provide an indication as to whether your application is likely to meet HMRC's requirements.

As soon as you've completed the questionnaire, SafeguardAEO® provides an instant executive summary with a green, amber or red rating for your entire application.

One click will give you a full report that identifies any or all potential areas of non-compliance. You can then address these before you submit your application.

SafeguardAEO® is the only way to know whether your application is likely to be accepted or rejected before you submit it.

Once you're satisfied with all of your answers, simply click the C118 button and your fully populated, verified and evaluated AEO application will be ready for you to submit to HMRC.

SafeguardAEO® puts you in complete control of your entire AEO status application process. It enables you to avoid rejection, delay and loss of business.

SafeguardAEO® is the best possible way to prepare yourself and your business for success.

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